Accreditation of Blood Bank and Transfusion Services

In India, Heath System currently operates within an environment of rapid social, economical and technical changes. Such changes raise the concern for the quality of health care. Blood banks/ blood centres are an integral part of health care system. Accreditation would be the single most important approach for improving the quality of blood banks. Accreditation of blood banks/ blood centres and blood transfusion services strives to improve the quality and safety of collecting, processing, testing, transfusion and distribution of blood and blood products. The accreditation programme assesses the quality and operational systems in place within the facility. The accreditation includes compliance with the NABH standards, applicable laws and regulations including guidelines set by National AIDS Control organisation (NACO). The applicant Facility must have conducted internal audit against NABH standards after implementing for at least 3 months before submission of application and must ensure that it complies with NABH Standards.