Accreditation of Allopathic Clinics

In India, the Heath System currently operates within an environment of rapid social, economical and technical changes. Such changes raise the concern for the quality of health care. Clinic is an integral part of the health care system. The shift from inpatient to outpatient care is drawing attention to the role of the primary care provider. Non hospital based care is now considered extremely important in the healthcare system. Clinics, which form the delivery arm of primary care or out of hospital care, have received less attention than other elements of healthcare as far as quality assurance is concerned. We have developed this program of accreditation of CLINICS to serve health clinics and to help improve patient safety. Accreditation provides a consistent and organized plan to improve the quality of care in your clinic. This program helps you improve the quality of patient care in clinics through a rigorous peer assessment. The Accreditation certifies that an accredited clinic meets nationally recognized standards. These standards are dynamic documents and are revised periodically by the experts in the field.